University of Minho, Portugal

University of Minho is a Research University focusing on the regional, national and international socioeconomic environment, and invested in growing the Knowledge, RD&I chain namely through intellectual property management, standing as one of the PT HEIs with more registered patents. The UMinho/Bosch partnership is a paradigmatic example, assuming a diversity of areas for mutual collaboration: research, development and innovation projects; joint PhD programs; joint Lab; suppliers club initiative, etc.

Research global figures: 31 Research Units: 85% ranked Excellent (7) and Very Good (20), including >90% of the total number of researchers; ~600 active research projects, corresponding to ~€150 million total budget; ~3.000 refereed papers in scientific journals, with yearly increasing citations (>75.000 in 2019); ~1.200 researchers (400 researchers with contract and 800 fellowships), with a Postgraduate students/total student ratio ~40% and >200 PhDs awarded yearly. In the H2020, UMinho has 96 approved projects (21 as coordinator) and ranks 2nd among PT research organizations regarding EU contributions. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities, UMinho is placed in the #401-500 range.

Key persons

Prof. Vitor Monteiro

Prof. Joao L. Afonso

Key research facilities, infrastructure and equipment

Power electronics laboratory of the Group of Energy and Power Electronics. The main research fields of the group are aligned with the application of power electronics to energy systems: EV battery charging systems; Power electronics to electrical and hybrid vehicles; Power quality conditioners; Renewable energy grid interfaces. The power electronics laboratory of the University of Minho is well equipped with the necessary solutions to perform experimental validations emulating real scenarios of operation.

General facilities: The university has more than sufficient capacity to host and supervise the research and training of the recruited ESRs and all the necessary equipment and infrastructure to carry out the research is there.

Status of research premises

All research facilities are owned by Minho and wholly independent from other beneficiaries and associated partners in the consortium.

Previous involvement

Current involvement

Other relevant efforts

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