KEMA Labs, the Netherlands

KEMA Labs is a world-renowned Testing, Inspections & Certification organization. It combines traditional with state-of-the-art gear to ensure every kind of grid equipment, from medium- to ultra-high-voltage, can be tested, satisfying today’s increasingly demanding criteria for performance and safety.

Key persons

Dr. Erik de Jong

Key research facilities, infrastructure and equipment

KEMA Flex Power Grid Laboratory: lab that is dedicated to testing smart grid components (with a rated power up to 1 MW) at real distribution voltages and power levels. The laboratory consists of a 1 MVA grid simulator capable of operating over a wide range of frequencies, harmonics, voltages and power levels and a Power hardware in the loop that is capable of performing system level testing on products or systems. General facilities: the organization has more than sufficient capacity to host and supervise ESR4.

Previous involvement

Current involvement

Other relevant efforts

Publications: the researchers within Kema are actively publishing scientific research.