Efacec Electric Mobility, Portugal

Efacec Electric Mobility is a company affiliated with the Efacec Power Solutions Group (Efacec Group), the largest Portuguese group in the electromechanical area. The Efacec Group has a global footprint on more than 65 countries, employing more than 2200 persons, with around 200 of them full time in Research, Development and Innovation activities. The Electric Mobility, leading Efacec participation in this project, is a worldwide manufacturer of Electric Vehicle charging solutions with many international references under operation in almost 50 countries, and offering a complete portfolio of Private, Public, Quick, Ultra-Fast and Wireless electric vehicle chargers. Efacec Electric Mobility’s mission is to develop safe and clean energy solutions for the electric mobility market. This project is therefore a highly relevant context to pursue that mission.

Key persons

Mr. Felipe Campos

Mr. Nuno Costa

Key research facilities, infrastructure and equipment

EV Mobility R&D Lab: laboratory (250 m2) that is dedicated to EV charging and power conversion R&D activities, namely load, battery and EV simulators, active loads, power electronics sources, hardware in the loop, real EVs models, and associated measurement equipment and protection and environmental testing equipment.

CPMS R&D Lab: R&D laboratory focused on Charge Point Management Systems, including cloud based services, data analytics and several frameworks tools.

General facilities: Efacec has a wide range of products and services in the areas of energy, transport, engineering and environment in the context of the transition to a smart evolution of the electrical system. The team members involved in E2GO have ample experience with Msc and PhD supervision and initiatives like Marie Curie. The organization has more than sufficient capacity to host and supervise the research and training of the recruited ESRs.

Status of research premises

All research facilities are owned by Efacec and wholly independent from other beneficiaries and associated partners in the consortium.

Previous involvement

FAST EV 2.0 (P2020 – 38468): New generation of Electric Vehicle DC Fast Chargers (https://projects.efacec.com/fastev20/)

Current involvement

Ianos (H2020 – 957810): Integrated Solutions for Decarbonisation and Smartification of Islands (https://ianos.eu/).
Insulae (H2020 – 824433): Maximizing the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands (http://insulae-h2020.eu/).
Concordia (H2020 – 830927): Cyber security for Electric Vehicle Chargers (https://www.concordia-h2020.eu/).
Citycatalyst (P2020 – 46119): Catalyst for sustainable cities (http://citycatalyst.efacec.com/).
NextgenHPC (P2020 – 47209): Next Generation High Power Chargers.

Other relevant efforts

Software: Solutions for the operation and management of Electric Vehicles Charging infrastructure.
Innovation Product: Efacec has a complete range of products for Electric Vehicles Charging
Infrastructure: Quick chargers, and High power chargers.
Other achievement: patent EP 3197706 A1 -Wall Mountable DC Electric Vehicle Charger.